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Welcome to the web site of the Laboratory of Medicinal and Molecular Electrochemistry which is part of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemical and Environmental Sciences at the University of Greenwich.

A Brief Introduction from Professor Kevin Lam

It is my immense pleasure to welcome you to our website.

Our laboratory is currently studying the use of electrochemistry for syntheses of a variety of biologically active molecules with important pharmacological properties. We are particularly interested in Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors (TKIs). The concise synthesis of such molecules is a challenge that stimulates us to develop new synthetic methodologies that enable the construction of several bonds and/or rings in a single step and control the chiral centres formed in the process. Much to our delight, our first molecules are now receiving patents in the United States.

Although our research is usually presented in several subgroups, such as the development of new and efficient synthetic methodologies or organometallic chemistry, our topics are thoroughly integrated. For example, various chemical syntheses rely upon the development of new and efficient organometallic catalysts or the use of a new method of activation. This close overlap in our research topics has led us to bring our findings all together in a single place.

I hope that you will enjoy visiting our website.

With Best Regards,

Prof. Kevin Lam.

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  • Our lab has numerous custom made electrolysis cells for diverse synthetic applications
  • Electrasyn 2.0 is a modern way to perform electrosynthesis in the lab